A portion or every single purchase goes directly back into the community... #Community #GiveBack #ExploreMore #PwcExplorers

Pwc Explorers

Building the community one event at a time


Proudly Partnered with Rheos Gear



#ExploreMore and enjoy the beauty the water has to offer. We are dedicated to bringing you places you never thought possible!

Group Rides are just some of what we offer

Connect with fellow enthusiasts to see all the Pwc community has to offer. Experience new waterways and tips and tricks to keep your machine in tip top shape. 

Charity Events

We have teamed up with other groups and race organizations to bring massive events combining both sides of the sport,providing a unique experience and giving back to local charities.  


We are dedicated to bringing you the best products,news,events,and collaborations in the industry. Every single purchase on this site has a portion going directly to charity. 

I've met some amazing people at Pwc events that have become life long friends.

Ryan Kelley

We all have an opportunity to shape this community in a good light,have fun,and give back. It's our responsibility to create some good in the world.  

Adam Buckler

This entire experience has changed my life and allowed me to meet some amazing people and explore areas I never knew exsisted.

James West